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DVPUB-New Online Verification Process for 2013-2014 STACS

  • DVPUB is a new online cost verification screen which replaces paper HCSAR for in-district or other district public programs (Not BOCES).
  • BOCES HCSAR will continue to be verified on paper. This run is scheduled for February 2015.
  • Deadline date for initial filing verification (DVPUB Signature form) and cost backup material for 2013-14 is January 30, 2015. Follow-up form is submitted for new STACs approved and verified after initial signature form is filed.
  • Required Cost backup for:
    • Annualized costs exceeding $105,00
      • Completed High Cost Report
      • Selected pages from IEP listing frequency and length of approved services
      • Invoices or cost calculations for individual services costing $15,000 + each
    • ALL Other-District placed students
      • Monthly or year-end invoice and/or contract from other school district.
  • Verification Status Designations:              
    • Unverified – Records can be amended and re-verified by District.
    • Verified & Not Reviewed by SED – Records can be amended and re-verified by district.
    • Stopped Record – These records need cost backup for students costing $105,000 or more.
    • Reviewed & Locked by SED – SED reviews and locks records after receiving DVPUB signature form. To unlock, district needs to contact STAC Unit.
Please go to this SED link for more information:


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