To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.




Management Advisory Group (MAG) of NY can custom design a plan from its myriad of services that will fit your unique circumstances.  Our staff will then continue to work with you to tailor the plan to accommodate any needs you have within the following areas of service that we provide:






Additionally, we can provide administrative staff for business office, special education, and other building level functions - all tailored to meet the specific needs of your district.


With years of field experience behind them, you will benefit from MAG's seasoned staff.  Comprised of former superintendents, business officials, principals, and State Education Department executives, the MAG staff is able to bring you quality service delivery from people who have been where you are.

Business Office
Business Operation Services
State Aid Recovery
State Aid Recovery Services
Medicaid Claiming
Medicaid Management Services
Special Education
Special Education Services