To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.


Special Education (STAC) Services


Contacts:   Brenda Olivett - Ext 10



                 George Newman, Director of Special Education Services - Ext 21



Management Advisory Group (MAG) of NY understands the arduous task that a school undertakes to maintain quality Special Education programs made available to its students.  That's why our Special Education Services division stands ready to assist you with tracking the necessary information needed to receive high-cost aid for students within these programs.


MAG can help free up resources by assisting your district in the following areas:


  • Review of all programs and claiming procedures currently in place
  • Identification and verification of eligible students with accurate computation of costs
  • Assistance with completion of required paperwork
  • Filing of STAC forms for school-age public and private high-cost special education students
  • Ongoing review and maintenance of STAC submissions to assure all aid allowed is received


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