To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.


State Aid Review and Recovery Services


Contacts:  Aimee Skiff, President - Ext 16




It all begins with an in-depth analysis of your district finances. That analysis then becomes the springboard for action: identifying the additional state aid for which your district may be entitled.


Along with the recovery of state aid, Management Advisory Group (MAG) of NY will amend your annual financial reports to the State Education Department for the previous fiscal year.  In addition, we will work with you to assure you are maximizing your high cost aid through STAC filings.


MAG has secured additional funds for over 350 school districts – from very small to four of the Big Five – throughout New York State.  In the last 3 fiscal years alone, MAG has helped 57 school districts identify and recover over $5.1 million in missed state aid revenue


Reviews are done on a contingency basis as we are so confident in our ability to find additional state aid revenue, you pay nothing unless we succeed.  Even if others have already completed re-filing work, we will find any resources that our predecessors have overlooked.

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