To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special educations operations.

Staff Directory

Catskill Office

(518) 943-0708

Aimee Skiff

President/CEO                     Ext 16


Carolyn Dongara

Director of Client Services    Ext 10



Business Operation Services Bureau


Jessica Alix

Senior Service Bureau Specialist Ext 23

Siobahn Pellegrino

Service Bureau Specialist Ext 11

Erik Bohan

Accountant Ext 24

Alice Gavin

Payroll/Accounting Clerk Ext 27

STAC Services


Brenda Olivett

Senior STAC Specialist                Ext 19

Rebecca Denier

STAC Clerk                                Ext 25

Beverly Delong

STAC Clerk                                Ext 26




George Newman

Director of Special Education       Ext 21


Medicaid Management Services


Maureen Armstrong

Medicaid Management Coordinator     Ext 28


Ken Wich

Medicaid Consultant                          Ext 30


Alex Haner

Medicaid Specialist                            Ext 13


Joy Converse

Senior Medicaid Specialist                 Ext 12


Claudine Serazio-West                   Ext 14 

Medicaid Consultant


Cathy Nagele                                  Ext 17
Medicaid Specialist


Internal Audit Services (Off-Site)


Nancy Taylor

Lead Internal Auditor                  Ext 10


Frank Slocum

Internal Auditor                          Ext 10