To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.


"With MAG working hand in hand with our district's special education department, our staff feels more confident about the STAC submissions and the business office is more confident about maximizing our state aid .  The collaboration and second set of eyes on each claim gives us peace of mind.  When you weigh the cost of the service against the possible losses in state aid without their help,  I would consider the service priceless!"  


--Jamie Phillips, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Support Services, Lancaster CSD


"In these extremely hectic times and at a time when every dollar means more than ever before,
we have found MAG to be an answer to a number of our concerns when it comes to making claims for state aid and Medicaid reimbursement. These are two cumbersome areas of a district's responsibility that it is reassuring to have professionally handled. We have consistently found the MAG staff to always be most knowledgeable, accessible and client centered. We are confident in their expertise

-- Alan Erzkus, Director of Special Education, Kenmore Town of Tonawanda UFSD



"The experienced professionals at MAG NY serve as our partners to ensure that we maximize our state aid through STAC and Medicaid filings. They also advise and counsel on a variety of issues, and work tirelessly to address the myriad of state aid questions that arise throughout the year.  I endorse them wholeheartedly!"
-- Cynthia Tretter, School Business Administrator, Akron Central School District

"Over the past several years I have worked with MAG NY in the areas of State Aid review, Medicaid billing, and STAC filings.  In each case their expertise and knowledge has resulted in additional state aid for the District. In these days, with limited opportunity to increase school district revenue, and human capital being needed for the many tasks necessary to carry out the day to day operation of a school district,  MAG NY's services play a critical role in providing our district assurance state aid is being maximized.  I would not hesitate to recommend MAG NY's services to any district."

-- Ann M. O'Brien, Business Official, West Valley Central Schools, formerly Business Administrator, Naples Central Schools



"MAG NY has become a key part of our standard financial operation.  Whether the subject is financial advisory services, STAC filings, Medicaid audits or state aid consulting, MAG NY provides experienced professionals for the task.  MAG NY has my full unqualified endorsement."

-- Thomas S. Cole, Superintendent for Business Facilities and Non-Instructional Personnel, Yorktown Central School District


"MAG NY's services were a critical piece in moving the general fund from a negative balance to a positive balance in our district.  The consultants came in with a helpful attitude and guided us through the process of learning to evaluate and maximize each state aid code.  This resulted in a significant increase in aid for our district which directly funded improvements to our instructional program.  We couldn't have done this work without such expertise."

-- Adele Bovard, Superintendent, Webster CSD, formerly Superintendent, Dansville CSD