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As we start the new School Year, let’s take this opportunity to go over needs that are often overlooked in Medicaid Claiming.


  • Observations- This is often a major hold up for claiming; and it is a very simple and necessary process. The Supervising Therapist (SLP, OTR, PT) signs off with the date that they first observed the child face-to-face. Therapists should continue to observe the students periodically, and log those dates as well.  When the initial observation is complete, send the observation forms to MAG. No sessions can be billed before the initial observation date. Please schedule your observations as early in the IEP period as possible.
  • ICD 10 Codes- All scripts/referrals are required to have a diagnosis, and all claims need a billable ICD-10 code to be submitted. Script/Referral writers should use ICD-10 codes for script diagnosis whenever possible. If we have a valid script, but an invalid or missing code, the Attending Provider can “translate” a written diagnosis into a valid ICD-10 code. Many districts lose claiming over this relatively small issue. ICD-10-CM codes can be found by clicking 'ICD-10-CM codes'.
  • Service logs and scripts from outside agencies- Districts often lose claiming due to a lack of paperwork from outside providers. MAG Eligible lists include the location the student receives the services; share this information with these outside providers, and request all documentation for these students. If there are paper service logs coming in from these outside agencies, send them to MAG as soon as possible; we will manually enter them for claiming.
  • Evaluations- After an evaluation has been completed, it needs to be entered into IEP Direct under Reports/Assessments.  For Cleartrack users - send the evaluation information to MAG for claiming.
  • Provider Agreements & Statement of Reassignment- All Contracted Providers and Outside Agencies (except BOCES) require a signed Statement of Reassignment and Provider Agreement- this ensures that they will comply with Medicaid requirements for billing, and that they will not bill Medicaid for the services they provide. If your District contracts with a transportation company and you claim Special Trans, you will need these forms from the transportation company, as well.  These forms should be completed at least each contractual period if not each school year. The provider agreement form could be found by clicking 'Provider Agreement'. The reassignment form could be found by clicking 'Statement of Reassignment'.
  • Annual Notice of Parental Consent- These are required to be sent out annually, the district can decide when to send them, as long as it’s done every school year. It is not required that the parent sign a new consent each year, just that they receive the Annual Notice.
  • Scripts – Please make sure a new script is written when/if there is a change in frequency and/or duration or changing from group to individual or vice versa.
  • Anniversary Schools – New documentation (scripts and/or observations) needs to be in place if an Annual Review has occurred.  This documentation should coincide with the new IEP period.



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