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UDO and USO Supervision

Medicaid Alert #15-04 was released 7/21/15 to clarify the Timely co-Signature requirement for UDO and USO Providers.

In a UDO/USO relationship, as per Medicaid Alert #15, the attending provider, (practitioner that has overall responsibility for the provided services) besides following UDO/USO responsibilities outlined in Medicaid Handout 3, must co-sign and date each supervised servicing provider’s session note not more than 45 calendar days following the date of service.  When supervision is required, the Attending Providers are PTs, OTs, SLPs, LCSWs, NYS Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  Supervised servicing providers are PTA, OTAs, TSHHs, TSSLDs, and LMSWs).

Under all circumstances, the servicing provider, (any clinician that provides the service) must complete and sign a session note as close to the end of the session as possible (contemporaneously). See Medicaid Handout 3.

Because requirements change from time to time, “Licensed professionals are reminded that it is their responsibility to be aware of and adhere to any supervision requirements related to their profession, as outlined on the NYS Education Department Office of the Professions website.”  For example, in 2014, amendments were made to OT regulations.  Among other things it limited the number of OTAs that can be supervised by one professional.  The supervision requirements, in this instance, is as follows: “In no event shall the occupational therapist or licensed physician supervise more than five occupational therapy assistants, or its full time equivalent, provided that the total number of occupational therapy assistants being supervised by a single occupational therapist or licensed physician shall not exceed ten.”   This and other information regarding Occupational Therapy can be found at Part 76, Occupational Therapy.