To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective secure means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.

Management Advisory Group (MAG) of NY Educational and Administrative Consultants


To provide clients with an ethical and cost-effective secure means for maximizing revenues by making the most efficient use of resources available to their business office and special education operations.


With MAG working hand in hand with our district’s special education department, our staff feels more confident about the STAC submissions and the business office is more confident about maximizing our state aid. The collaboration and second set of eyes on each claim gives us peace of mind. When you weigh the cost of the service against the possible losses in state aid without their help, I would consider the service priceless!” – Jamie Phillips, Assistant Superintendent for Business & Support Services, Lancaster CSD

Over the past several years, I have worked with MAG in the areas of State Aid review, Medicaid billing, and STAC filings. In each case, their expertise and knowledge has resulted in additional state aid for the District. In these days, with limited opportunity to increase school district revenue, and human capital being needed for the many tasks necessary to carry out the day-to-day operation of a school district, MAG’s services play a critical role in providing our district assurance state aid is being maximized. I would not hesitate to recommend MAG’s services to any district.” – Ann M. O’Brien, Business Official, West Valley Central Schools, formerly Business Administrator, Naples Central Schools

Our district has worked with Management Advisory Group for several years regarding Medicaid billing and reimbursement. Within the first quarter of the year we began working together we saw a significant increase in Medicaid reimbursement. Over the years this has continued to grow as the MAG team advises us on how to maximize these opportunities. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say our reimbursement rate has more than doubled since we began working with MAG. Our increased revenue has far outpaced the cost of MAG’s services. In addition to this positive growth, I must say how pleasant the MAG team is to work with. Team members communicate regularly and are always available to discuss concerns. If they don’t have answers to questions, which seldom happens, they research the matter and respond quickly. Team members are kind, thoughtful, and helpful. They understand the challenges we face in schools and are as flexible as possible. It is always a pleasure to work with everyone on the team.”  – Douglas Morrissey, Director, Pupil Personnel Services, Cairo Durham Central School District

MAG is the best!

They are so very knowledgeable with our payroll system and always ready, willing and able to assist with ANY and ALL my questions. Their patience and understanding is invaluable to me. Being a newer payroll clerk and trying to navigate my payroll system, I feel confident on how my  issues are explained and how they have helped me better understand the process, instead of just fixing it for me. 

Aimee helped me when I was new with training and Jessica always answers her phone, no matter what she is working on, to help me figure something out. I believe my success in part, is attributed to Management Advisor Group being there for me.” – Carol West, Payroll/Personnel Clerk, Onteora Central School District.

“Management Advisory Group – Medicaid Division has been an absolutely invaluable resource for us. They are so responsive to our needs as a district and serve as a true partner in this extremely complex and granular work. They go above and beyond to ensure that we have all of the information and training necessary in order to maximize the benefits for our students. I would highly recommend collaborating with them in order to strengthen your district practices moving forward.” – Dennis DesRosiers, Director of Special Education, Fairport Central School District.

MAG  has been an essential partner during the transformation of Greenburgh North Castle’s Business Department over the past five years.   MAG has helped our team of “newbies” develop systems and routines that have made us an efficient and effective business department.   The wealth of knowledge that MAG brings to the table is invaluable; from accounting to payroll to state reporting and audits; MAG supports us throughout the process!    The entire team at MAG is Professional, Responsive and Caring.  They tackle every task as if it was their own and always look out for the District’s best interest.   It is as though the Management Advisory Group is a part of the Greenburgh North Castle UFSD Family!  They sure do treat us as if we are part of theirs!   I would recommend anyone who is looking for contracted services for any aspect of their Business Office to use MAG, you won’t be disappointed!” – John Marino, Assistant Superintendent of Business Greenburgh-North Castle  UFSD

“MAG staff are knowledgeable, responsive, flexible, and friendly!  Our account liaison understands our District’s needs and is always available to help answer questions and resolve issues, and is willing to roll with our occasional “oddball” requests. The peace of mind that comes from knowing MAG is always there to help is priceless; once we submit our payroll information, we *know* our staff will receive their checks or direct deposits on time.  – Additionally, MAG staff are up to date on changes to state and federal laws regarding payroll, and are proactive in making sure we remain in compliance and are never faced with making big changes at the last minute. Their expertise, attention to detail, responsiveness, and amazing customer service has truly made MAG invaluable to us! MAGnificent!”  – Kim Nyemchek Porter, Human Resources & Payroll, Greenburgh-North Castle  UFSD

The Mt. Pleasant Blythedale School district has worked with MAG for more than 10 years.  Aimee and her staff have proven to be extraordinarily knowledgeable, resourceful, and supportive; managing our finances, analyzing accounts/budgets, and completing necessary state reporting.  Responsive and reliable, Aimee and her staff are invaluable!!” – Emily Hersh, EdD., Superintendent Mt. Pleasant Blythedale School District

Management Advisory Group is a very reliable, resourceful, and extremely cost-effective extension of our district office business operations. Aimee Skiff and her team are exceptional, and I offer them my highest unqualified recommendation.” – Terry Dougherty, PhD, Superintendent, Hancock Central School District

“Iroquois Central School District began contracting with MAG to oversee STAC and Medicaid claiming in 2012.  The benefits of the service far outweigh the cost.  The revenue the district receives has increased significantly because MAG’s sole focus is STAC and Medicaid.  We submit the paperwork to MAG and they handle the rest.  Each quarter a representative from MAG meets with the district to review documentation that is needed and share anticipated revenue.  The district’s Medicaid claiming documentation was audited by PCG and MAG representatives were present and prepared with required documentation.  PCG noted no areas of concern.  When we have questions about STAC or Medicaid we contact our Mag representative and always get a response within hours, usually immediately”Kristin Kendall-Jackus, Iroquois Central School District, Director of Instruction, Student Services and Assessment.

Management Advisory Group “MAG” has been a partner with the Alexander Central School District for over 17 years.  Brenda Olivett has managed our STAC’s during this entire time.  Her wealth of knowledge and responsiveness makes her a key member of our TEAM.  How to solve any of my concerns is always explained professionally, promptly and politely.  The District views MAG as a true partner!” – Tim Batzel, Business Administrator, Alexander Central School District